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Financial Advisory

A variety of not-for-profit organizations receive inadequate attention from the financial services industry. These organizations often operate without professional guidance in growing capital to build new, or rehabilitate existing buildings, and to purchase mission critical equipment. Reaching these goals requires an informed assessment of the potential advantages of tax-exempt and taxable bond financing.

Our expertise can be invaluable. It includes credit and debt capacity analysis as well as detailed knowledge of financial products such as bonds, interest rate swaps and other derivatives. We also advise our clients in determining the appropriate fees to pay for the financial product and, most important, the appropriate interest rate for  the financial product given current market conditions Our advice is free of any conflicts of interest in that we have no vested interest in selling or promoting any particular financial product.


Finance Plan Development
Competitive Solicitation of Debt Financing
Rating Agency/Credit Enhancement Presentations


Financial Modeling and Projections
Evaluation of Financing Options
Debt Policy Development
Credit and Credit Rating Assessment